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In my eyes, the word Hubris, is too strong of a word to describe me. I am not one to rank myself so high up compared to others. I’d never get to a point like that, I always “check” myself and remain humble no matter what situation. But a flaw I do see in myselfContinue reading “Hubris”

Where Am I?

Approaching the half way mark of my senior year, I am more pumped up to close out this year. The thought that my four years of work is almost complete is giving me energy boost I needed. In the beginning of the year I was mostly reminiscing and being hopeful for the future. Now startingContinue reading “Where Am I?”

How I Read

I have a very odd love hate relationship with reading. When I was younger I always explored comics and fiction and was always intrigued. I loved the idea of doing something us humans cant, super speed, flight, x-ray vision. It was reading stuff like this where my imagination ran wild and I always enjoyed reading.Continue reading “How I Read”

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